Wednesday, March 17, 2010

~bad day~

17 mac....what a bad day(really3 bad day)
want know y??

first lect ITS compare our group and other group in the same embarrass we're.arghhh!!before this they see us as a good and intelligent student bcos we are in 2A and they are in 2B.the lect compare us bcos of our marks low than her expectation and the other group mostly got higher than us.and she also seems bias to us .when she give ur test paper back her face sour as the orange.when she give the test paper to the other group suddenly her face change(very sweeeett),and she say"sejuk hati saya tgk group ni'.at that time,my heart just want to burst out.she should not said could is not that we do not try our best.she should understand us aad i dont see why she should compare us bcos last sem all my lect very3 nice even we are sucks in their subjects.

it does not stop there.the next class,the lect economy also brainwashed our head like hell.even my friend can not stop their tears from coming out.She said were are lazy and do not want to change.she also said something and i dont want to so hurtful!!can you imagine how stress i 'm in that day.

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