Tuesday, November 9, 2010

comey nyer~~

before this i dun like pet very much especially cat @ kitten. nie sume gara2 my mom yg brainwash me and my siblings cukup2 mase kiteorg kecik lagi. my mom always said that cats @ other pets are dirty and jangan bagi diorg masauk, klu masuk halau cepat2.so since now I dun like cats or other pet..my brains always told me they are dirty but i'm in progress to change my mindset..
there is one day me and my friends hangout and I jumpa this one pet shop, all pets in there are sooooo cute..(^0^) i 've take a few pics bcos they're so kawaiii(geram tul bile tgk rase nak peluk2 jew..hahahaha)


  1. tau2..
    tp becos of kucing i fobia dgb sume binatang~~
    terok kan??