Saturday, November 20, 2010

tEng0k lebih gabra dari main~~


fuhhh..nervous habis mase tgk badminton beregu laki- KOO & TAN + takraw team MALAYSIA kat sukan asia malam nie(20/11)..

especially mase game takraw..score point masing2 dekat2 and their opponent , KOREA very competative at the same time..
but Malaysian teams better than them cos they have won and will go for finals..

harap2 boleh menang lawan THAILAND in the finals and get GOLD MEDAL..

for badminton beregu- KOO+TAN tonight they do an excellant performance just like in ALL ENGLAND.
very entertain..
they served & play very fast..
good job guys!!
my heart beat sooo fast during the game.

I really hope they will win against INDONESIA and go for final and they did it~~
can't wait to see in FINAL~~
my heart floating in the air..HAHAHAHAHA~~

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