Wednesday, November 24, 2010

me = skema??


arrgghh..bowink giler duk umah bile cuti i want to share something that make me confuse since sem lepas..........
nak tanyer la sape yg know me, i'm i nerd (when i'm talking)??

even i'm on - off wearing spec.. hahaha

my rumate slalu ckap "ko nie skema la..hahaha" and start joking with the term that i'm used when she thinks it's funny..sometimes it is annoying bcos x suka la bile kene ejek SKEMA..=P pastu bukan sekali dua banyak kali lak tu.. argghh..

but sometimes i taught deeper...."am i skema?? " cos not one but 2 of my friends(pluz my rumate) laughing at me bcoz of that~~ tp td baru lepas blogwalking and i found 1 blog name SKEMA ITU HOT.. i like that term..(^_^) pluz the owner of that blog also HOT!!~~hahahaha

if i am skema whaz the hell.muahahahaha..i will be skema but fasionable~~

but i'll still wear tudung ^^

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